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Pedestrian Button

Research has shown that pedestrians feel most safe with simple operation, reliable information, and clear signals. The RTB Safe Traffic pedestrian button fulfils all those requirements. The RTB pedestrian button comes complete with the buttons that activates the signal and the acoustic unit which provides auditory information to pedestrians.

The sighted community will interact with the elegant design of the button and get feedback from the LED Verification Screen that their call has been sent. The sight loss community will be able to activate the button in the same manner as the sighted, or use the tactile button located underneath the button body.

The tactile button is embossed with symbols that provide the user additional information about the street they are about to cross. Is there a traffic island? Is there a turning lane? Is the turning lane signalized? Once the walk signal is given, the tactile button will vibrate and the Acoustic Unit will sound the appropriate sound for the direction of the signal. Users with sight loss will have the added information required to make a safe crossing.

PiT+ Button

Protective Case




The PiT+ model combines the elegant design of the pushbutton, the bright LED verification screen, and the tactile feedback for the sight loss community. The electronics of the Acoustic Unit activate all these features.


The PiT model offers the same elegant design, the bright LED verification screen, but does not include the tactile button. This button is used in conjunction with the Acoustic Unit.


Al the features of the Pit and PiT+ models are customizable. You can see how the button is incorporated into the Acoustic Unit here...

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