Traffic Logix

Modular Rubber Solutions

Trans Canada Traffic is pleased to be able to provide you the best range of modular rubber solutions availabe.

The Traffic Logix modular system is constructed with patented interlocking rubber units that are connected to create an array of traffic calming solutions and configurations. The recycled rubber units are used to create speed humps, speed cushions, and speed tables. The modular system offers unlimited possibilities, allowing you to create a solution of any size or width using the interlocking units. You can choose from highly reflective white or yellow striping, or white chevron arrows in the direction of traffic. Our additional rubber traffic solutions such as the SuperFlex Curbing, the Cycle Lane delineators, alley and speed bumps, and car stops are all designed to help you return safety to your streets. The rubber traffic calming solutions can be installed on asphalt or concrete, as permanent or temporary solutions, and offer a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution to speeding and traffic concerns.

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Speed Humps Speed Tables Speed Cushions

Traditional traffic calming to slow cars on residential streets

Flat topped speed humps for more gradual speed reduction

Series of small speed humps that slow cars without impeding emergency vehicles

Lane delineators that separate bike and vehicle lanes while protecting bicyclists Flexible rubber curbing units that can be used to create traffic circles, curb extensions, and chicanes


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