Edge-Lit Street Name Signs

LED Lit Signs

Street signage information can often be challenging enough to read during the day, and is even more difficult to read at night. Thats why Led Light Illuminated signs has focused on advance recognition. With Led Light Illuminated edge-lit street signs, its enhanced letter illumination and the Diamond grade reflective sheeting, the driver is given the earliest opportunity to recognize and react to the signage from over 600 feet away. State of the art technology produces one of the brightest edge-lit illuminated street signs on the market and one of the best warranties at five years on all components. All Led Light Illuminated Signs come either single or double-faced and in standard lengths of 4, 6, 7, 8. 10, feet. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

Brighton NYC

Key Features


  • Light weight - 7.5 lbs per foot
  • 5 year warranty - the best in the industry
  • Low maintenance, 5-10 years
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reliable, long lasting and
  • Advanced recognition
  • energy efficient
  • No flourescent bulb to dispose of
  • built-in photo cell
  • Customizable
  • Able to change faces in minutes
  • Bright, uniform illumination
  • Extremely durable aluminum frame only 2 5/8" thick


Traffic Signs


Our illuminated cross walk signs give the motorists notice that someone is in the cross walk well in advance. This saves lives! The sign automatically powers on with pedestrian walk signal. The faces are diamond grade reflective sheeting and MUTCD compliant. Frame is only 3" thick. Our blank out signs have remarkable message clarity. They also completely blank out when powered off. Unit comes with our rugged 1 1/4" thick frame system that we use on our street signs. Signs instantaneously turn on and are virtually maintenance free. Another safety issue that FLN-MAR Sign has developed is the illumination of railroad crossing signs. These signs are developed to be installed well before the crossing for advance recognition. These units are designed like the pedestrian sign units utilizing our rugged 3" thick housing.

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