We are very pleased to add the innovative SignSax. to our SignalSax line of products. When you need to close off a sign in your work zone, use the SignSax and do it right.


  • Quickly slips over your signage
  • Secured in place by 2 Velcro® straps.
  • Eyelets are provided for straps to accommodate long term closures.
  • Tough nylon material that will ensure long life.
  • Complete sign coverage minimizes driver confusion for a safer work zone
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transport
  • Clean professional appearance
  • Made in Canada
  We can ship anywhere in North America


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Safety is the reason for the development of the SignSax. The SignSax will not blow off in the wind as happens with plastic, burlap or other sign covers. The SignSax will stay on as long as you need it.


The SignSax is Manufactured from durable 120d coated nylon, which means that you can re-use your SignSax many times.



Installation of the SignSax is simple and efficient. Just slip the SignSax over the sign and secure it with the Velcro® straps. The SignSax is designed to be quick and easy

The SignSax can be folded flat for easy storage in your Traffic Control vehicle. Dozens can be easily stored in any vehicle for ready availability to your Traffic Crew.

Available Sizes


Product Code

600 mm x 750 mm Speed Limit SignSax


750 mm x 750 mm Construction Sign


600 mm x 1050 mm Speed Limit Sign with message below


Custom Sizes Available upon request

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