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Trans Canada Traffic is pleased to be able to provide you the best range of Radar Speed Signs available.

The SafePace 700 radar display sign offers two rows of customizable text with extra large 18 inch LED digits. You can display the message of your choice including animated text or graphics while displaying vehicle speeds in bright, large digits that motorists can see even from a distance. The SafePace 700 driver feedback sign is ideal for a variety of road conditions and situations, helping to make your streets safer one sign at a time.

The Safe Pace 700 is simple to use and easy to install. The batteries are contained within the sign eliminating the need for bulky secondary cabinets that can cause undue strain on poles. The Safe Pace 700 is light enough so that only a single lift truck is needed to install on an existing street light pole.

Click here for more information on the Safe Pace Data Collection capabilities

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  • Features
  • Specification
SP500 Driver Responsive Customizable Alert Drivers
Extra large digits Driver Responsive Customizable Alert Drivers

MUTCD compliant radar speed display with two rows of LEDs for text and graphics and extra large 18” digits displaying vehicle speed

Sign can display messages based on driver speed

Allows for animated text or graphics such as moving arrows or a scrolling message

Display digits and/or speed violator strobe can be programmed to flash at designated speeds

Easy Sign Management Scdeduling Visibility Statistics
Sign Management Sign Scheduling Brilliant Visibility Statistical Reports

Bluetooth and WiFi compatible

Complete 24/7, 365 day scheduling with unlimited holiday exception days

Unique light enhancing, anti glare lens system provides optimal visibility even in poor lighting

Robust reporting module generates standardized reports for traffic analysis while including custom reporting options for more advanced users

Energy Efficicent Durable Theft Protection Stealth
Energy Efficient Durable Theft protection Stealth Mode

Ultra low power consumption including the most power- efficient radar technology available and optional solar power

Superior construction for long-lasting performance

High strength aluminum sign face and individual optical lenses to protect against theft and vandalism

Collect baseline traffic data while speed display appears blank to motorists

Strobe 2 Year Warranty Intuitive Interface
Speed Violator Strobe Two Year Warranty Intuitive Sign Programming

Integrated flashing violator strobe alerts speed drivers, returning their attention to the road

Two year warranty on parts and labor excluding damage related to vandalism, abuse, and/or theft

User friendly interface allows you to set sign parameters, download or import traffic statistics, and create useful reports


  • Digit:  18.0"(h)  x  10.0"(w), 768 LEDs
  • Variable Message Matrix: 12.5"(h) x 24"(w), 512 LEDs


  • 1 graphic or 2 lines of 6.0" (h) text (up to 7 characters per line)
  • Unit : 42.5"(h) x  31.0"(w)  x  5.0"(d) 
  • Sign Weight: 55 lbs (unit alone without batteries)   

Technical Specifications

  • Miles Per Hour (mph) or Kilometers Per Hour (km/h)
  • Aluminum protective cover: 0.1875" (d)
  • Yellow or white High-Intensity prismatic reflective sheeting on the sign face with black colored text
  • MUTCD approved colors and format
  • Operating Temperatures F (C): -40° (-40°) to 185° (85°)
  • Conformal coating on all circuit boards
    Power input: 
  • AC 100~240 VAC
  • 12 VDC
  • Built in ambient light sensing and automatic brightness control
  • Wireless battery charge monitor
    Power Options
  • AC power input: 100~240 VAC
  • DC power input: 12 VDC
  • Solar power: 85 W solar panel
  • Internal Radar: Doppler (FCC approved)
  • Radar RF out: 5 mW maximum
  • Radar f-center: 24.125 GHz center +/-25 MHz
  • Pickup distance: Up to 1,200 feet (366 m)
  • Beam angle:  11° x 11°
  • Beam polarization: Linear
    LEDs 245: 
  • Digits: 224 Amber, 23°, 5 mm, luminous Intensity (5680 – 8200 mcd/LED)
  • Speed Violator Strobe: 21 White, 15°, 5 mm , luminous intensity (28,150 mcd/LED)
  • Optical lenses: 245 lenses
  • Ambient light sensor and automatic brightness adjustment 
  • 12 gauge aluminum, light gray powder coated body to minimize heat absorption
  • Weatherproof, NEMA 4X-12, IP65 level compliant
  • Non-sealed and ventilated
  Mounting Options
  • Banding brackets (standard)


  • BlueTooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi


  • SafePace® Pro management software
  • 24/7 365 day unlimited programming and scheduling
  Display Settings:
  • Display On/Stealth Modes (In Stealth Mode, speed is not displayed but data is collected) 
  • Display Minimum Speed, Display Maximum Speed
  • Digit Flashing Speed Threshold (digits flash above selected speed)
  • Speed Violator Strobe (pulsing strobe flashes with digits or alone above Display Maximum Speed)

Data Collection and Statistical Analysis & Reportiong (optional feature)

  • Traffic data collected and stored by location
  • Stealth Mode (capture baseline traffic data with speed display off)
  • Download through wireless connection
  Statistical Reporting & Charts
  • Summary Reports
  • Weekly Reports
  • Period Comparison Reports
  • Full custom reports and charts
    Reporting Parameters:
  • Average Vehicle Count
  • Total Vehicle Count
  • Average Speed
  • Average Number of Speed Violations
  • Total Number of Speed Violations
    Other Features:
  • Minimum and Maximum Speed
  • 85% Speed
  • Counters by Speed Bins
  • 5 MPH Bin Resolution
  • Reports print directly or can be exported into CSV format, MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat PDF and HTML
  • Charts may be printed directly or converted into Adobe Acrobat PDF  and picture formats
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