The Difference is Obvious

The Original SignalSax is a nylon bag that slips easily over your newly installed signal head, and with two easy clips, your new intersection will look professional, clean and safe until the day it is fully operational.





Safety is the reason for the development of the Original SignalSax. The Original SignalSax will not blow off in the wind as happens with plastic or burlap. The Original SignalSax has stayed in place in gale force winds of over 60 MPH. The snug fitting SignalSax will stay on as long as you need it.

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The SignalSax is Manufactured from durable 420d coated nylon, which means that you can re-use your SignalSax many times. In some cases, the SignalSax has been installed for more than 4 years at the same location.



The clever design of the Original SignalSax makes installation simple and efficient. Elastic cords sewn into the bag fit snugly around the backboard. With just 2 quick clips, the SignalSax is fitted to the signal head. No longer will you have to fuss with dirty and torn burlap bags, which are either too small, too big, or just plain ugly. The Original SignalSax is designed to be quick and easy

SignalSax has a front mesh panel so that you can test your signals while the bag is installed on your new signal head.

The Original SignalSax is safer, simpler than any other signal head cover you will find. Why spend all that time and money on a new intersection only to have it look shabby until it is fully operational?

  • Quickly slips over your signal head and backboard
  • Secured in place by 2 heavy duty clips
  • For short term or long term closures
  • Tough nylon material that will ensure long life.
  • Complete coverage minimizes driver confusion
  • Clean professional appearance
  • Made in Canada
  We can ship anywhere in North America


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Available Sizes
Name Description Product Code
4 Head Covers 4 signal heads, 8" or 12" diameter and backboard SGX-4H01
3 Head Covers 3 signal heads, 8" or 12" diameter and backboard SGX-3H01
Type A Ped Covers a rectangular single unit 16" X 18" pedestrain signal SGX-1618
Type B Ped Covers a 12"x24" stacked ped head unit including visors SGX-1224
Type C Ped Covers a 12"x12" single ped head unit including visors SGX-1212
5% Price break on orders of 12 or more
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