Radar-activated Strobe Lights Kit for SPEED LIMIT signs

LR-15L is an effective traffic calming measure designed to make your Speed Limit sign noticeable when it is required. It is ideal for:

  • Traffic Calming at residential streets;
  • Speed Limit awareness at School Zones;
  • Construction Zones Speed Limit awareness system (Orange LEDs);
  • Public notification of a speeding event at Industrial Campuses.

WR-15 Radar-activated Warning Lights Kit for WRONG WAY signs

Traffic accidents caused by wrong way drivers are usually the most severe and lead to grave consequences. The WR-15 warning system is designed to help avoid most horrible head-on collisions typically caused by confused and distracted drivers often under influence.

XGuard-15 Pedestrian-Activated Wireless RRFB System

A smart microprocessor-based device which is wired to controls a rectangular shaped, high-intensity amber or white LED strobe lights. There are 10 flash patterns and 5 strobe speed settings available and can be easily configured via the onboard interface. This allows for 50 different strobe’s modes, including a wig-wag, rapid flickering patterns. The strobe lights can be activated by pedestrian with a standard dry-contact push button, Infrared (PIR) movement sensor and presence of a Bluetooth tag attached to person (e.g. school bag, stroller, smartphone etc.)

DTS-300 Doppler Traffic Study Module

Dopler-Radar module with Li-Ion batteries + AC charger, for speed and traffic volume data collection purposes. We provide the most detailed statistic among all doppler-radar devices available on the market, which includes:

  • Individual records with Realtime Clock timestamp.
  • An average, Minimal and Maximal Speed of each vehicle.
  • Vehicle size via Radar Crossection (RSSI) value.
  • Time Interval Speed-bins.

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