GTx City and VLA Model LED Signal Modules

Robust Features
  • Optimal thermal management for longer life
  • Provides performance under extreme field temperature conditions
Innovative Design
  • Low profile module permits efficient installation into existing traffic housings
  • Power consumption levels allow compatibility with most controllers
  • Mask compatible to fit your unique signalling needs

Trans Canada Traffic is pleased to be partners with General Electric to supply Western Canada with the best quality LED signals on the market. GE provides a guarantee of excellence and innovation in all its products and traffic signals are no exception.

The GTx LED traffic signals are proof of GE's commitment to a whole new way of thinking about LED traffic signals. LED signals that are the precursors to a new era of value added flexibility, power savings and ease of installation. 

GTx LED signals feature a micro-controlled power supply that lets the customer define their signal's basic character. 

Dimming? Yes. Fault Logging? Yes. But the customization doesn't stop there. GTx LED signals will also feature option boards that will work with the power supply to permit a host of new functionality. So when it comes to both your current and future needs, GTx is ready!

If you don't require the advanced features of the GTx series, our VLA series provides same excellence in optics and LED performance.

Outstanding Performance
  • High Brightness central light source and custom optical lensing distribute light uniformly and efficiently
    Rigorously tested for long life design and low maintenance costs
  • Excellent colour uniformity
Meets Rigorous Certifications & Testing Standards
  • Intertek ETL Verified compliant
    Compliant with ITE VTCSH LED Circular Signal Supplement dated June 27, 2005
  • CSA Available

Model Number

Front Shell

Size (mm)

AC Voltage Nominal

Power (W) Nominal

Wavelength (nm) Nominal

Intensity (Cd) Minimum

DR4-RTFB-VLA-027 Tinted 200 120V-60Hz 6.7 628 165
DR4-RCFB-VLA-027 Clear
DR4-YZFB-VLA-027 Tinted 200 120V-60Hz 10.9 588 410
DR4-YTFB-VLA-027 Tinted 200 120V-60Hz 7.9 589 410
DR4-YCFB-VLA-027 Clear
DR4-GTFB-VLA-027 Tinted 200 120V-60Hz 7.3 499 215
DR4-GCFB-VLA-027 Clear
DR6-RTFB-VLA-027 Tinted 300 120V-60Hz 6.7 625 365
DR6-RCFB-VLA-027 Clear
DR6-YZFB-VLA-027 Tinted 300 120V-60Hz 10.9 588 910
DR6-YTFB-VLA-027 Tinted 300 120V-60Hz 9.9 589 910
DR6-YCFB-VLA-027 Clear
DR6-GTFB-VLA-027 Tinted 300 120V-60Hz 8.4 501 475
DR6-GCFB-VLA-027 Clear

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