GTX Arrow Signals

300mm - Incandescent look

Excellent Appearance & Visibility

Efficient optical design allows omnidirectional arrow placement
with maximum light output

Excellent color uniformity creates an incandescent look for easy readability

New or retrofit use

Outstanding Reliability & Robust Operation
High efficiency and high-brightness LED light source
Failed state impedance protection detects the loss of LED load
Optimized thermal management for longer life
Provides performance under extreme field temperature conditions
Meets Rigorous Certification & Testing Standards
Intertek ETL Verified compliant
DOE compliant
CSA approved model available
Using MIL-STD-810F for environmental robustness, passed reliability and qualification testing including high temperature, high humidity cycling
Compliant with ITE VTCSH LED Vehicle Arrow Traffic Signal Supplement dated July 1, 2007


Model No. Size (mm) AC Voltage Nom. Power (W) Maintained Intensity
DR6-RTAAN-VLA 300 120V-60Hz 5 58
DR6-RCAAN-VLA 300 120V-60Hz 5 58
DR6-YTAAN-VLA 300 120V-60Hz 9 146
DR6-YCAAN-VLA 300 120V-60Hz 9 146
DR6-GTAAN- VLA 300 120V-60Hz 5 76
DR6-GCAAN- VLA 300 120V-60Hz 5 76

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