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Safe Pace Beacon Scool Flasher

The Traffic Logix school zone system protects children around their schools by reducing the speed of passing cars and decreasing the likelihood of vehicle accidents. The school zone flashing signs are a low cost, low maintenance traffic calming alternative that ensures children can walk and bike to school safely. The flashing school zone system accomodates any of the Traffic Logix SafePace radar speed display signs.

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LED's School Times Driver Responsive
Increase driver attention Speed limit reminder Programmable based on school times Multiple configurations

Flashing beacon lights alert drivers that they entering a school zone.

Regulatory white sign indicates what the speed limit is when lights are flashing.

Beacons are available with various placement options including above and below the sign or to the right and left of it.

Flashing beacon lights notify motorists when school time speed limits are in effect.

SP500 Multiple Dual Configutation Complete System
Improved Safety Multiple unit management Cost Effective Complete System

Flashing beacons have been shown to improve safety in school zones by decreasing vehicle speeds by up to 7 mph

Master/slave relationship between systems allows for set-up, management, and operation from one unit to multiple surrounding units

Solar powered system requires no costly wiring and works on renewable energy while all in one solar panel/power system requires no additional cabinet

The complete school zone system includes flashing beacons, a regulatory white sign, and the Traffic Logix SafePace sign of your choice

2 Year Warranty

Two Year Warranty

Two year warranty on parts and labor excluding damage related to vandalism, abuse, and/or theft



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