LEDLIGHT Illuminated Signs


DESCRIPTION - Light Emitted Diodes (L.E.D.) Edge Lit Internally Illuminated Street Name Signs.

This specification shall govern for L.E.D. Edge Lit Internally Illuminated Street Name Sign attached to the traffic pole or wire span, as recommended. All materials used in fabrication shall be new and of excellent quality.


Sign Dimensions:

  1. The L.E.D. Edge Lit Internally Illuminated Street Name Sign shall be capable of being constructed in standard length from 4’ up to 12’ lengths.
  2. The height of the sign shall be a minimum of 12” and a maximum of 24” for viewing of up to 600 feet away with a 10” Highway Gothic letter height.
  3. The sign will be a maximum depth of 2 5/8” for single-sided and double-sided on all four sides.
  4. Est. weight of signs is 7.5lbs per foot for double side signs.

Environmental Requirements:

  1. The sign fixture shall be designed and constructed to prevent deformation or failure when subjected to 110 mph wind loads in conformance with the requirements of the AASHTO 1 publication, “Standard Specifications for Structural Supports of Highway Signs, Luminaries,and Traffic Signals” and with all other associated and updated amendments.
  2. The sign fixture should be able to withstand and operate at temperature extremes of -40 degrees to 140 degrees F.
  3. The sign fixture should be able to withstand salt spray moisture.


  1. All materials furnished shall be in accordance with the NEC.
  2. Sign shall have single-sided or double-sided message. The background shall be translucent diamond grade reflective sheeting with a white letter.
  3. All interconnections between L.E.D. Light Modules should be hard soldered connections
    to eliminate thermal fatigue and micro cracking associated with power cycling.

WARRANTY, MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT All manufacturers guarantees and warranties which are normally provided as customary trade practice for items and materials incorporated into the work. All materials have warranty including led and driver for (5) years. Housing:

  1. The extrusion/housing is made from 6053-T5 aluminum and is 2 “X 2 5/8”.
    Light engines are mounted inside the top channel by stainless steel screws.
    The thickness of material where the screws are mounted is a ¼” thick. This will also help to
    deflect the heat and rigidity. The other side of the extrusion are grooves to accept plastic faces.
    The dimension on this is; 3/16” X ½“” deep. Plastic sits in the groves.

Sign Panels:

  1. The entire surface of the sign panel shall be evenly illuminated .

  2. The sign panels shall be translucent of high impact, UV resistant plastic/acrylic material able to
    withstand 5 years of 500nm UV light. All surfaces shall be free of blemishes in the plastic and
    coating that might impair the service or detract from the general appearance and color matching
    of the sign.



  1. The sign can be mounted to a rigid mast and/or span wire.

  2. All fasteners and screws in or on the fixture, shall be stainless steel type 302 or 305.


Light source: The L.E.D. Edge Lit Internally Illuminated Street Name Sign modules shall be composed of 1-watt L.E.D.’s with a minimum viewing angle of 20 degrees mounted on rugged metal boards consuming no more than 5 watts per linear foot. With a thermal resistance path from the L.E.D. to the most external surface of the aluminum extrusion, of no more than 20 degrees per watt at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celius to reduce wear and tear on the individual L.E.D.’s and to extend usuable lifetime. The L.E.D. light modules should be sufficient coupled directly to the aluminum extrusion using stainless steel mounting screws from top of extrusion. The light panel redirects the light to create a uniform illuminated panel with a minimum candelas per metered squared of 50 nits at initial turn on and no less than 15 nits after five (5) years. L.E.D. SYSTEM L.E.D. Housing: 1”x 48“ x ¼”Aluminum plate, Threaded mounted holes for #8 screw on back-side spaced every 10 inches. OPTICAL System: L.E.D. assembly shall have linear collimating optic with an emitting angle of 5x20 degrees +/- 5 degrees. The optic shall be manufactured of optically clear acrylic. The optic shall be sealed to the L.E.D. housing via a clear urethane. L.E.D. Assembly: The L.E.D. assembly shall consist of one (1) or multiple MCPCB (Metal Clad Printed- Circuit Boards), that are designed specifically to spread from high brightness L.E.D.s. The MCPCBs shall have a white solder mask and an aluminum substrate. L.E.D.s shall be Lumileds Luxeon L.E.D.s and shall be spaced 3” on center. The L.E.D.s shall be wired in series to promote even illumination. The L.E.D. assembly shall be designed such that multiple MCPCBs shall be plugged together to reduce wiring and connections within the L.E.D. housing. The L.E.D. assembly that is located at the end of the L.E.D. housing shall have 6” wire leads with water resistant faston connectors for ease of installation and replacement. L.E.D. assembly length shall be determined based on the overall length of the signs. Should the sign be approximately 8’ in overall length, (2) 48” L.E.D. system shall be used to provide illumination. Should the sign be approximately 4’ in overall length, ( 1) 48” L.E.D. system shall be used.

DRIVER SYSTEM The L.E.D. System shall be illuminated with a L.E.D.driver .
The Driver System shall consist of the following:

  1. Driver Housing: The termination Housing shall provide waterproof sealing in the form of a gasket and cover. Wires shall enter the Driver via 1 Nylon Strain Relief. The termination Housing shall accommodate a built-in photocell that protrudes through the cover of the termination Housing.

  2. Electrical: The Driver shall include the following:

    1. AC to DC power supply: the power supply shall have a universal input voltage
      (90 to 264VAC) and an input frequency range of 47 to 63 Hz. The power supply
      output shall be 100VDC. The power supply shall be UL recognized and shall have TUV
      and CE certifications.

    2. The Driver System: In order to properly and safely illuminate the L.E.D. System,
      multiple Drivers shall be soldered to a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), that is mounted
      To the PCB. The PCB shall be wired and powered by the AC to DC
      Power Supply. The Driver system shall provide a 250mA constant current.

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