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Wire theft from light poles is an expensive and frustrating problem for contractors, cities and commercial property operators. A single theft can render an entire site unsafe and cost thousands of dollars to repair. With the volatile price of copper, the problem of wire theft will be with us for many years to come.

Trans Canada Traffic has developed a solution that is affordable and secure. The WireSentry provides a barrier between the thief and your expensive wire. Placed inside the pole at the time of installation, the WireSentry has been proven to stop thieves before they start. When the thief opens up the hand hole cover, they are confronted with a steel barrier that will prevent them access to the valuable wire behind. Your maintenance crews can still access the fuse, should it need to be changed. The WireSentry has no keys to lose, and can’t be pried open. Just install it and leave it.

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There are some installations that require an inordinate amount of wiring. While there is a great value in the wire, be it copper or aluminum, there is even more value in the labour to re-install stolen wire.


WireSentry on Perimeter Road in Metro Vancouver

The WireSentry™, developed by Trans Canada Traffic, has been installed in hundreds of streetlight poles on British Columbia's newest highway, the South Fraser Perimeter road. The WireSentry™ was chosen because of its proven record of preventing the theft of valuable wire.

The South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) also known as Highway 17 connects the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal in southwest Delta to 176 Street (Highway 15) in North Surrey. Strategically located, Highway 17 also connects to Highways 1, 91, 99 and the Golden Ears Bridge.

Trans Canada Traffic provided 2 products to secure the streetlight wiring for this project.

WS200_305: Our standard sized WireSentry™ that fits inside a typical Type 2 pole. It will protect any pole with a 200 mm base opening and 12 inch hand hole height from wire theft.

WS200FB_T2: Fits the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure standard frangible base This bell shaped WireSentry™ covers the conduits and wires without interfering in the installation or performance of the base.

The SFPR is especially vulnerable to wire theft as much of it runs through areas which are not yet fully developed. This lack of pedestrian and off peak vehicle traffic can allow thieves enough time to gain access to the poles and the valuable wire. The WireSentry™ completely hides the valuable wire so that the thieves will look for a more unprotected target




The WireSentry can fit in any pole that has an open base. Proper sizing is very important to preventing wire theft. The WireSentry is designed so that a thief can not get around or over to get a hold of your valuable wire. For proper sizing for the WireSentry we will need to know the size and typ of pole that needs protecting. You can fill out our sizing form and we make sure you get exactly the WireSentry you require. More....

Decorative Round and Square Poles

The WireSentry can also fit into round and square poles. We currently have designs for 4 inch to 6 inch rounds and square poles with varying hand-hole heights and base plate sizes.Many decorative poles will have a hand hole much higher than those listed. Round tapered aluminum poles will have differing types of base plates. It would be best if you can provide us with a drawing from the pole manufacturer. Please fill out the sizing form and email or fax it to us. More...

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