RTB Pedestrian Button

RTB Safe Traffic has designed and developed a pedestrian button that will meet the specific needs of the sight loss community as well as increasing the security of those with sight.

The RTB Pedestrain Button was designed in Germany by a trainer for people with sight loss. Its sleek look cries out to be touched, which makes your intersections much safer.

Combined with the RTB Acoustic Unit, this button will quickly become the best part of your intersections.

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RTB Acoustic Unit

The RTB Pedestrian Button, combined with the RTB Acoustic Unit will help ensure the full intgrity of your crosswalk. The RTB Acoustic unit utilizes 3 speakers which will allow you to shape the sound to the surounding environment. No longer will you need to turn the volume down at critical intersections because of complaints from neighbours. Your sight loss community will have full use of your crosswalks 24/7/365.

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