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Acoustic Unit



Remote Control

While the RTB button is what people will interact with the most, it is the acoustic unit which sets the RTB system apart from all the others.

The Kombi-S unit houses the electronics that will operate the button and communicate with the controller cabinet as well as provides the auditory signals that make crossing the street safer.

The Kombi-S Units provide both the beacon tone that allows those with signt loss to locate the pole and the tones to indicate a walk signal.

RTB incorporates the philosophy that audible pedestrian signals should not be blocked. Researh has shown that there is a 5dB reduction in sound if there is even a single person in front of a button level acoustic device. This is why RTB will only install the Acoustic Unit above the pedestrians so that the signals can he heard.

Fewer noise complaints from neighbours

RTB’s acoustic units will make automatic adjustment of the volume based on ambient noise levels. More importantly, you can adjust sound alignment according to street width and buildings in the area. Following the installation, the hand held remote control offers flexible configuration options for each and every crosswalk. There are many customizable features, such as switching the transmitter off at certain times of day or reducing the volume at night.

Each RTB Acoustic Unit utilizes 3 individual speakers which allows you to shape the eminating sound so that more sound is directed at the crosswalk and less sound is affecting the neighbours.

The RTB Acoustic Unit is built to and complies witht he following standards
  • DIN VDE 0832-100 and accordingly Hd638 S1
  • DIN VDE 0832-200 and accordingly EN50293:2000
  • DIN 32981 and accordingly ISO 23600:2007
  • ÖNORM V 2100 and V 2101
  • CEI 214-7
Signal Tones
  • Guide signal: 1,2 Hz ± 0,2 Hz pulse sound with a range of approx. 4.5 m from the mast
  • Walk signal: Signal mixture of harmonic frequencies with the dominant basic frequency of 880 Hz ± 50 Hz
  • Warning signal (Gong): 392 Hz warning signal in accordance with DIN 32974
  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Colours: pine green, black and gravel gray
  • Protective class II under DIN EN 61140
  • Protective type IP 55 under DIN EN 60529
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