Spring Return Driveway Marker

Marking your driveway is an important safety consideration for your home, business or farm. Your marker needs to be visible in all light and weather conditions. Your marker must also be durable and able to take an impact if a driver misjudges their approach.

We at Trans Canada Traffic have prepared the Spring Return Driveway Marker that fits those requirements and more. Made from tough HDPE plastic, the Spring Return Driveway Markers have been impact tested at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour (60 mph). After each impact the Spring Return Driveway Marker always return to vertical, even when bent all the way to the ground.

You can install the Spring Return Driveway Marker using the surface mount plate or ground spike. The ground spike is perfect for any type of soil. The ground spike offers a low profile of 3 mm, which means that with the post removed, you can run your lawn mower over the spike. Simply remove the post, mow and quickly reinstall the post.

  • Shipped Directly to you
  • Rebounds after every impact
  • Industry standard reflective stickers
  • Mountable to concrete or asphalt
  • Mountable into soil and gravel
  • Simple twist and lock post installation
  • Will withstand any impact
  • Tested to 100 kph (60 mph)
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Gudepost Kits all the components required to complete the product as pictured. Ready To Install! This kit includes both the Spring Return Guidepost and the drivable Turn and Lock™ Ground Spike.

Spring Return Guideposts feature full 360 degree impact recovery and have been successfully Impact tested to 100kmh (refer to our video on here see the testing).

All components in this kit can also be purchased separately to your requirements.

Spring Return Guideposts utilise our patented Generation 2 Spring Return Base Units as ther self recovering engine. Generation 2 base units share all the key features and toughness of our proven steel based Spring return Signposts. Spring Return Guideposts also use our interchangable Turn and Lock™ connection system so they can be fitted and removed in seconds. Posts can be removed and fitted multiple times with out loss of function.

Alternate posts using the Turn and Lock™ connection system can also be used in place if the guidepost. Guideposts can also be fitted to any of the other Turn and Lock™ product.

Key Features:

* Spring Return Guideposts have been successfully been tested at 100 kmh

* 360 degree self recovery

* Guarenteed Post realignment after impact

* New Turn and Lock™ base connection system for quick removal and replacement

* Multiple Alternate ground connection options are available

* Customisable post and decal options can be arranged

Technical drawings, Installation drawings can be downloaded by clicking  the Installation tab above or going to the Technical Information page.

Further product information can be downloaded cy clicking the Support tab above

GP170201 Order Code Includes:

* 1 piece G2170201 Spring Return Guidepost (inlcudes 200 x 50mm Yellow / White decals both sides)

* 1 piece GS001 Turn and Lock™ Ground Spike

Product Specifications - GS001 Turn and Lock™ Ground Spike

Material:  Steel

Finish: Galvanised

Mass: 0.8kg

Dimensions: ø90mm x 355mm (high)

Spacer Insert: Black / Plastic

Connection: Turn and Lock™ system

 Product Specifications - G2170201 Spring Return Guidepost

Material:  HDPE

Colour: White

Mass: 1.15kg

Blade Overall Size: 1000mm x 100mm x 50mm

Decal Size: 200mm x 50mm

Decal Pattern: one piece Red, one piece White

No Decals Fitted: 2

Custom Applications: Contact us if you have a custom application and we will help.


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Technical Instruction: 

Spring Return Guidepost Installation Guide - Ground Spike

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Installation Instruction: 

Spring Return Guidepost Installation Guide - Ground Spike

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Removal Instruction

Spring Return Guidepost Removal Guide - Ground Spike

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Installation Instruction

Turn and Lock™ Guidepost Replacement Instruction



All sign post products are made from materials that are 100% recyclable, providing sustainable products that have zero impact on land fill.

Our goal is to make products that:

*Deliver significant ongoing cost savings

*Provide s Passive Safe road product solution

*Use 100% recyclable material where possible


Product Information: 

Spring Return Guidepost Brochure


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