Spring Return Base Accessories


Surface Mount Installation Kit - Concrete


Product Ref: MK203
Comprising of 4 x 16 x 65 DYNA BOLTS.
This installation Kit is suitable for use with all Surface Mounted Spring Return Base Unit installations.

Wizard Socket

WIZ 600

Product Refs:
WIZ 600 – 600mm spike length for softer soils
WIZ 450– 450mm spike length for harder soils
WE001 Locking Wedge
Simply Cut Socket Base Unit down to 185mm. Drive Wizard socket into the ground, insert the signpost into the cup and lock into place with wedge

Smart Taper Lock - Concrete Installations


Product Ref: SU350
This NEW innovative mounting system delivers the rigidity benefits of a standard signpost installation, yet delivers the cost benefits of non-destructive sign post removal.

Ground Sleeves - Concrete Installations


Product Refs: WE001 Locking Wedge, GS201 Ground Sleeve
Ground sleeves are concreted in place. The Socket Mount Base Unit simply inserts into the ground sleeve and is locked into position with a wedge. When used with Spring Return Signpost no site damage from impact will ever occur again

Signpost Wedge or Existing Locations


Product Ref: WE001 Locking Wedge
Socket Mount Base units are designed to simply insert where a standard signpost are already fitted into a pre-existing sleeves. Simply cut the Socket Mount base off to the required depth, insert into the existing ground sleeve, and lock in position with a wedge.


Socket Mount Adaptor Kits - For Red Springy


185mm Socket Mount Adaptor Kit - This kit is designed for use with the Wiz 600 Wizard Socket Ground Spike shown above

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