Maintaining infrastructure is a challenging task. Worksites are often within populated areas with the workforce being under time pressure to minimise disruption. Due to the confined and varied nature of worksites it is difficult to guarantee the safety of the workforce and the general public. Intellicone provides a simple yet effective solution to the problem of worksite incursions.  

By enabling a worksite with Intellicone sensors it is possible to detect a worksite breach when it happens providing the workforce advance notice and enabling them to restore the perimeter to protect themselves and the general public.  

The Intellicone Portable Site Alarm (PSA) R-Series is a local alarm that can be rapidly deployed to significantly enhance the safety of the workforce providing them vital seconds to get to a position of safety should a worksite breach occur. 

The PSA R-Series automatically connects to nearby Intellicone enabled sensors, providing an instant electronic safety perimeter. A typical road closure pack includes 10 Intellicone Unipart Dorman cone lamps and a PSA R-Series (shown below). Where required it is also possible to combine the pack with an Intellicone Sentry which can secure access points.

Work Zone Pack

Portable Site Alarm R-Series

Application: small to medium size temporary worksites 

Sectors: road maintenance, streetworks, incident response, heavy industry

  • 3 tone siren, green and red LEDs
  • Connects to Intellicone sensors via short range RF: 50 meter range
  • Internal rechargable battery
  • Auxiliary output

Intellicone Unipart Dorman ConeLITE

Application: large worksites, unmanned worksites, VMS integration
  • Intelligent wireless impact dection technology
  • lamp and sensor activitation by fitting onto traffic cone
  • deploys in any order and works day and night
  • communicates seamlessly with other sensors and Intellicone PSA
  • Maximum range between lamps: 50 meters
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