Remote site management

Combining Intellicone sensors with the Intellicone Traffic Management Unit (TMU) enables remote site management and real time response to breaches. Monitoring road closures due to maintenance, flooding, bush fires and other emergencies is a time consuming process. Intellicone enables an instant response to actual breaches potentially preventing harm to the general public or workforce. A remote site closure pack consists of a TMU and 10 Intellicone Unipart Dorman ConeLITES.

Traffic Management Unit (TMU)

  • Text message alerts
  • Web enabled connectivity
  • Web portal status monitoring
  • Connects to nearby Intellicone sensors
  • GPS location tracking
  • External battery option

Intellicone Unipart Dorman cone lamps

  • Intelligent wireless impact detection technology
  • lamp and sensor activitation by fitting onto traffic cone
  • deploys in any order and works day and night
  • communicates seamlessly with other sensors and Intellicone PSA
  • Maximum range between lamps: 50 meters
  • Cone lamp by Unipart Dorman


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