Traffic Management - Creating Intellicone Enabled Workzones

Intellicone has been designed to suit large, complex work sites where there may be multiple safety perimeters, access points and work crews. The Portable Site Alarm Y Series (PSA) and Traffic Management Unit S Series (TMU) are web enabled devices which can be connected to create a site with no limitations in site geography. Each PSA and TMU are equipped with GPRS/GSM and GPS. This means that the location and status of each device is logged and displayed onto the Intellicone webportal.

TMU's are designed to be installed near remote barriers or works access points and will relay a breach to PSA's on the same site regardless of their distance from the barrier. 

In order to set up an Intellicone enabled worksite traffic management operatives position a combination of contact and non contact sensors at designated areas in compliance with existing protocols. In order for workcrews to receive a breach alarm at unlimited distance from the barrier the traffic management crew will then deploy the Intellicone Traffic Management Unit.  

The Intellicone Traffic Management Unit (TMU) complements the Intellicone Portable Site Alarm (PSA) which is used by the workforce. The TMU has been designed for use near remote barriers and on unmanned sites. In contrast to the PSA the TMU blends into its environment and does not attract unwanted attention preventing malicous removal or interference witht the system. 

The TMU is able to send and receive signals to and from Intellicone sensors (lamps and Sentry ultrasonic beam) and will relay this alert to: 


  1. PSAs set to the same unique worksite identifier
  2. Selected mobile phones (i.e. Site Safety Officer)
  3. The Intellicone Web Portal

A TMU must be placed within 30-50 meters of an Intellicone sensor but there is no limit in the distance between it and the PSAs set to the same site identifier. This is achieved via the in-built GPRS/GSM/GPS module which connects directly to the Intellicone secure server. The TMU has an internal motion sensor which is automatically activitated 10 seconds after it is deployed. When moved and tilted whilst in operation it will alarm and issue alerts. 


Three simple steps to create an Intellicone enabled workzone


Deploy Intellicone enabled lamps and/or Sentry

Deploy traffic management as per traffic management drawings and regulations using Intellicone enabled lamps in designated areas.  

Intellicone enabled lamps will provide an alert if they are pushed, impacted or tilted. 

If relevant, deploy Intellicone Sentry at manned or unmanned workzone entrance points. The Sentry will support a gatesman picking up errant vehicles whilst being able to be temporary switched off to allow legitimate works vehicles to enter site. At unmanned gates, the Sentry can be used in conjunction with Intellicone lamps.


Deploy Traffic Management Unit

Once the traffic management has been deployed place Intellicone Traffic Management Units within 50 meters of an Intellicone enabled barrier (lamps or Sentry). Prior to deployment ensure that the correct unique site reference has been entered via text message. Fasten the TMU to a cone, sign, frame or other relevant road furniture and deploy the unit. The TMU will now connect to the Intellicone web server, enabling work crew Portable Site Alarms on the same unique site reference to receive the alarm with limitation in distance. 


Equip Crews with Portable Site Alarm Y-Series

Once traffic management has been deployed, work crews can enter the worksite. Each work crew is issued with a PSA Y-Series set to the same site reference as the Intellicone enabled barriers. A simple two button operation will activate the system.  Remote re-setting function means that the system can be re-set from any device within the workzone.


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