Emergency response - Mantaining safety

Intellicone is modular, portable and can be deployed in seconds. Our system is therefore ideally suited to enhance and maintain safety where a road or area needs to be closed for emergency purposes. This could be in case of an accident or incident, for emergency infrastructure repair (road, gas, water, electric), or in case of a flood or fire.


Portable Site Alarm R Series

  • 3 tone siren, green and red LEDs
  • Connects to Intellicone sensors via short range RF: 50 meter range
  • Internal rechargable battery
  • Auxiliary output

Intellicone Unipart Dorman ConeLITE


  • Intelligent wireless impact detection technology
  • lamp and sensor activitation by fitting onto traffic cone
  • deploys in any order and works day and night
  • communicates seamlessly with other sensors and Intellicone Portable Site Alarm
  • Maximum range between lamps: 50 meters, signal hopping between sensors to create extended barriers


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