Reducing risk to workforce and improving effecincy

Being a roadworker is one of the most dangerous professions. Increasing need for road maintenance will mean that more work will be done with only temporary traffic management between oncoming traffic and the workforce. Despite the best intentions and risk mitigation strategies it is not always possible to account for factors that can cause a vehicle to enter a coned area. These factors include adverse weather conditions, low visibility, fatigue, and drink/drug intoxication, excessive speed.

It is good practise to use personal protective equipment and use safe systems of work. Intellicone creates an additional layer of protection helping  the move towards prevention, reduction and elimination of injuries and fatalities caused by errant vehicles and ultimately achieving the 'Aiming for Zero' target.  Intellicone enables a migration up the Hierarchy of control. Not only does the system provide a simple to deploy electronic safety perimeter, it also records its status with time and location stamp and uploads this onto the Intellicone web portal. This portal is available to customers and enables tracking of Intellicone safe working areas. This means that near misses can be investigated in more detail. It also means that site supervisors and the back office can be notified automatically when a crew arrives at site (when unit is turned on).

Reduce Risk

Reduce injuries

Reduce Fatalities

Improve Reporting



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